1. Who is her inspiration?
    Her father... because he helped her to learn that if you really want something, you could do it. No matter what.

  2. Why she is an actress?
    It's the only thing that made any sense for her to do. The only thing that kept her interest and kept her excited!

  3. What kind of music she hears?
    Her favourite band is Patsy. It is an L.A. band. But it seems that the band broke up no longer ago. However the singer Marcie sings in another group, Paige. Clea would be quite close of them. Indeed, accordind to the bass player and member founder Brian Kuysar, "Clea is a personnal friend to the band. She has done spoken word on some of our unreleased work". Paige is really an excellent band.. I recommand you to visit their website: http://www.the Otherwise, Clea like too: PJ Harvey, old Breeders stuff, and the Geraldine Fibbers.

  4. What's her favourite movie that made her to be an actress?
    When she was a little girl, she want to be in The Goonies.... and then every few months she'd see a movie that inspired her... they are so many.

  5. What others actor does she want to work with?
    Jude Law, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep.. The coolest actress she had met is Kathie Bates…

  6. What does she do in her spare time?
    Stay home, go see bands, hang out with her friends. he doesn't really like to go to clubs because she doesn't drink and she ain't too much fun to see people drink when you don't. And when she is bored, she looks on the internet!

  7. Is she like her character in The Faculty, Stokely, a loner girl?
    She was a loner in high school... she keeps to herself.

  8. Did she have some parts in TV shows?
    Yes, she was in ER, Buffy, Dangerous Minds, and Crisis Center. She was in a commercial for Kudos too. For more infos, look at the television section of the website.

  9. In which remake of movie she would star?
    Snake Pit (from 40's, ome of her favourite movie). It's about a woman in a mental institution. We can notice that the story is like the Girl Interrupted one. Clea wanted to make this movie for 3 years... So we can think that she likes play crazy characters. Something very difficult!

  10. What is her favourite TV show?
    The Simpsons, now and forever!

  11. Has she already have a leading role?
    Yes! In How to make the cruelest month by Kip Koening. She liked that because she was allowed to evolve as an actor and experience so many things within her character.

  12. Did she went in a special high school?
    Yes, she did. She went at the L.A. County High School for the Arts. But it wasn't a good experience! It's true that she learned there to become an actress, but they didn't like her very much. they thought she was just a punk kid and they always wanted to kick her out.

  13. Which question we don't ask to her but we should?
    Her shoe size. It's eight-and-a-half. But it varies, depending on the shoe. (very funny girl!!)

  14. If she wouldn't be an actress, what would she want to do as career?
    Write or director of photography. She likes photography.

  15. What was the hardest scene she had to do on a film?
    It was for Girl Interrupted. But in every single movie, there have been 1 or 2 diffucult scenes.

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