TVGEN: Welcome! Tonight's chat is with the star of the new movie The Faculty, Clea DuVall. Welcome Clea. Thanks for joining us.

Clea DuVall: Hello everyone!

Ashdawg69: Who is your inspiration?

DuVall: Hmmm... my father

DDP1_98: Clea, what made you want to become an actress?

DuVall: It's the only thing that made any sense for me to do--the only thing that kept my interest and kept me excited!

WashMePlease: Where did your parents get the idea for your name? It is beautiful.

DuVall: Thank you! It's from a book by Lawrence Durrell, part of The Alexandria Quartet.

p2i: Clea, how many times have you done the chat thing?

DuVall: This is the first time.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: What was it like playing in that movie? Are you a fan of horror films?

DuVall: Yeah, I like horror movies, they're fun. It was the most fun I've had on a movie set.

Creed_2002: What do you think of the soundtrack to the movie?

DuVall: I haven't heard it yet.

the_sublime: Was it hard to make it into show biz? Did you go to college?

DuVall: I didn't go to college. It's not an easy buisness to break into, but I've been really fortunate. It's still hard to get the parts you want.

havikkcapone: What kinda music you dig?

DuVall: My fave band in the world is Patsy out of L.A., P.J. Harvey, old Breeders stuff, the Pixies, the Geraldine Fibbers.

_MICKY_M: How old were you when you started acting?

DuVall: I was 18 -- professionally.

blitz_54: Are you related to Robert DuVall and Shelly DuVall?

DuVall: Nope, not even a little bit.

WashMePlease: Robert Rodriquez seems very cool to work with and very laid back, is he?

DuVall: Yeah, he's the coolest guy in the world!

CDomino: What is your role in the new movie?

DuVall: Stokely, the dark loner girl.

Rock_Jock97: What movie can you compare this one to?

DuVall: Hmmm, it's like none other! It's very exciting and lots of fun to watch.

soccergirl105: Did you do plays in high school?

DuVall: Yeah I did some, but I talk too quiet, and I have to yell on stage. One of my fave plays is Who Will Carry the World.

_MICKY_M: What's your favorite movie that made you decide to be an actress?

DuVall: I was sooo little, but I wanted to be in The Goonies then every few months I'd see a movie that inspired me, and there are sooo many.

FiRe_boy00: You were in Can't Hardly Wait, right?

DuVall: Yeah, I was... it was a small part, though.

Courtneywuv: What other actors do you want to work with? (Courtney Love?)

DuVall: That's really funny -- she's an acquaintance, but she kinda makes me nervous... Jude Law is great, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman.

bubbles013215: What's your favorite color?

DuVall: Blue -- any shade really.

KnowYourDamnRole_: Do you think horror movies are making a comeback like in the early 80's?

DuVall: I think so -- in a different way. The slasher movies no, but the current crop is a bit smarter. Kevin Williamson in so smart in his writing that he'll make people pause.

RupertGilesWalot: Where did you grow up?

DuVall: Hollywood, the scary parts.

KahyanB: How did you get your foot in the door to become an actress?

DuVall: I got headshots, an agent and started auditioning, but things didn't get really started until I started working with my manager, and she really helped a lot.

FiRe_boy00: Clea, what do you do in your spare time?

DuVall: Stay home, go see bands, hang out with my friends... I really don't like to go to clubs because I don't drink, and it ain't too much fun to see people drink when you don't.

ecstacy_111: what was it like working with Elijah Wood?

DuVall: It was fun -- he's a really sweet guy and we became friends.

JasonB_15: Was the movie scary to do?

DuVall: Not really. It's hard to be scared when there are 80 people around you.

ManOfThought: Were you ever a loner, or did you always love life?

DuVall: I was a loner in high school. I keep to myself, but I love life.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: Are you anything like the character you play?

DuVall: Hmm... similar in that she keeps to herself in school and can't wait to get out!

Courtneywuv: What was it like working with all those special effects?

DuVall: It was interesting -- I'd never done it before. There's a lot of waiting involved with sfx, but there was lots of time to play as we waited. After I saw the special effects added, I was impressed!

b_rok123: How was it working with Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait?

DuVall: He's really funny! I liked him, and he seems like a really good guy.

RupertGilesWalot: How can I contact you (fan mail!!!)?

DuVall: You can send it to my agency -- Innovative Artists in Los Angeles.

Andie__McPhee: Did you meet or work with Kevin Williamson, the writer?

DuVall: I just met him the night of the screening.

jammerpearl: What was your favorite part about making the movie?

DuVall: working with Robert. I'd seen his other stuff... He mentioned his short first film Bedhead, but he never showed it!

lovergirl36: What was it like working with Usher?

DuVall: He really wasn't around much, but he's a nice guy -- lots o' fun.

RupertGilesWalot: Did you or do you have any guest spots on TV shows?

DuVall: Yep -- I did ER and Buffy.

ManOfThought: So do you have a boyfriend, Clea? :)

DuVall: Nope...

tommygyrl13: Which movie did you have more fun working on, Can't Hardly Wait or The Faculty?

DuVall: The Faculty, I was on the set for Can't Hardly Wait for about three hours, and I was sooo sleepy, I have no recollection of being there.

WerewolfOz8414: Who were you on Buffy?

DuVall: I played the Invisible Girl. It was fun!

FiRe_boy00: What kinda movies you like to watch?

DuVall: I wanna see Gods & Monsters. There are soo many I wanna see -- like American History X.

WerewolfOz8414: What do you think about the competition The Faculty has?

DuVall: We're in really good company with the "competition," but they're all soo different.

soccergirl105: Would you do another horror movie?

DuVall: Hmmm... if it were good and I liked the script and character, and the director, sure!

Furby88: What famous movie star do you have a crush on?

DuVall: Hmmm... I don't wanna say.

soccergirl105: What is your favorite song?

DuVall: It's an untitled one by Patsy.

Da_Moviegoer: What was it like working with Jon Stewart?

DuVall: It was sooo much fun -- he's the funniest guy!

Creed_2002: Who's Patsy?

DuVall: Patsy is an L.A.-based band -- very different musical style, and the lead singer's voice is incredible. The lead singer is in another band, Paige, and they just had a CD released.

Da_Moviegoer: Before you began work on The Faculty had you seen any of Robert Rodriquez and Kevin Williamson's movies?

DuVall: Yeah, I loved From Dusk Til Dawn -- it's sooo exciting to watch. The final shot with the back of the bar -- whew! Juliette Lewis was in it, and I also loved her in Natural Born Killers and Cape Fear.

FiRe_boy00: Do you like scary movies?

DuVall: Yeah! Sure I like 'em.

moviefreek: If you were asked to remake The Goonies when they are older, would you do it?

DuVall: I'm too old...

Fod_of_Guck: If you had to would you ever do a nude scene in a movie? If it was necessary for the role?

DuVall: Ummmm... I'm gonna say "maybe". I think it's a lot sexier when you don't see everything.

wizard69_zt: Why is the whole cast of The Faculty on the Tommy commercials?

DuVall: It's a tie-in. Tommy Hilfiger basically sponsored the movie and gave money for marketing, advertising, and some clothes.

WerewolfOz8414: If you could star in the remake of any movie, what would it be?

DuVall: The Snake Pit -- from the 1940s about a woman in a mental institution.

S_P_I_D_E_R_1998: Was the movie hard to make and did everyone do their own stunts?

DuVall: We did about 30 percent of our stunts. I did most of my own, except for a couple of them. There were hard days, but overall it was pretty smooth.

The_New_Santa_Clause: What do you want for Christmas?

DuVall: Knee socks. It's all I can think of now... no one's asked me that this year.

spice2014: Were you in The Craft?

DuVall: No, but I liked it very much. Everybody thinks I'm Fairuza Balk, though, because of the eye makeup. I'd like to work with her.

orpheus911: Is this movie a spoof on stupid teen movies? The movie seems to have a storyline similar to a book i read as a child.

DuVall: It's not a spoof, but it doesn't take itself too seriously.

kpnautica: What's your favorite food?

DuVall: I don't know... right now I'm so nervous because I'm busy right now, and eating makes me nauseous. I eat because I have to. I like Cocoa Puffs, and chocolate chip cookies.

_MICKY_M: Were you scared on the movies set when you did your first movie or show?

DuVall: I was petrified! I still get scared. It's the scariest thing in the world for me.

phor20smo: What is your favorite place to visit and why?

DuVall: NYC, because I can go out and have fun -- stay out all night and be a kid.

Romeo_CrAzY_For_Thou_Juliet: Do you ever get Christmas presents from fans?

DuVall: I never have... yet...

ethanluva: How was it working with Ethan Embry?

DuVall: It was great. I worked with him on How to Make the Cruelest Month, and he's a really sweet guy.

railskater: Where were you born?

DuVall: In a hospital in Los Angeles.

WerewolfOz8414: Is The Faculty in any way similar to Disturbing Behavior?

DuVall: Not really.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: There are a lot of horror films and violence films these days. Why do you think that is?

DuVall: There are probably sooo many reasons, and while it's easier to see it on TV and the movies, it's easier to take, but it's still not good because it desensitizes you.

RupertGilesWalot: What is your favorite TV show?

DuVall: The Simpsons. Now and forever!

KahyanB: Do you get online in your own time?

DuVall: No. My roomate just got a computer. I probably will learn.

Bright_Angel_14: Who's the coolest famous person you've ever met?

DuVall: Kathy Bates.

taylor129: Do you have a middle name?

DuVall: I have two -- Helen and D'etienne.

railskater: What is the latest movie you have seen?

DuVall: I saw The City of Lost Children on TV.

KahyanB: Are you religious?

DuVall: Not really...

School_Hottie: What is your favorite scary movie?

DuVall: The Shining, but I've never seen it all the way through because it's tooo scary.

soccergirl105: Do you like the beach?

DuVall: Not really. I grew up with cement... I'm a city girl.

DR_Nick56: Who is your favorite TV actor?

DuVall: Hi, Dr. Nick! Outside of The Simpsons, I don't really watch TV.

LexieLuvsJeter: What advice would you give to a girl who wants to follow in your footsteps?

DuVall: Work hard, and don't do it for the wrong reasons. Do it because you love it.

BigBaa: What's your favorite film genre to work in or that you'd like to work in?

DuVall: Just something of substance and quality, I guess.

WashMePlease: Was there ever a time during the making of this movie when the props or other actors were so convincing that you really got scared?

DuVall: Everybody at one point or another did something that made me pause. They were soooo good.

Freakball: What is your favorite time of the day... I prefer 4:20.

DuVall: When you stay up all night long, and the sun comes up. Thanks for being here! I hope you like the movie!

TVGEN: Clea will be appearing in The Faculty, coming out Dec. 25. And look for her in The Astronaut's Wife next year and She's All That in January.

DuVall: I'm gonna be in She's All That and Committed next year... There's an MTV special tomorrow on The Faculty. Check your local listings.