Mon interview:

Vanessa: What's your birth date?

Clea DuVall: my birthday 9-25-77

Vanessa: you said that you father inspired .. Why?

Clea DuVall: my father inspired me by helping me learn that if you really wanted something, you could do it. no matter what.

Vanessa: You said Kip Koenig is a male version of you. But how are you?

Clea Duvall: i don't know how to describe how kip and i are alike. we just are. i don't know how to describe myself. i'm shy and quiet sometimes, but i'm also playful. i don't know.

Vanessa: Which characters would you play?

Clea DuVall: i want to play all kinds of characters. as long as i truely believe in the quality of a script, i am proud to be apart of it.

Vanessa: Lots of people say that you are the new Claire Danes! What do you think about this comparaison?

Clea DuVall: people really like claire danes, and when they say that i remind them of her, i take it as a compliment. i don't see the similarities myself.