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MODERATOR: Welcome! Chatting with us tonight is actress Clea DuVall from THE FACULTY and THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE. Clea has been very busy girl lately. This 21 year old has been in SHE'S ALL THAT and SEE JANE RUN, produced by Doug Liman (SWINGERS / GO). For more information about this lovely and talented actress, check out http://chat.lycos.com/guests/Cleaduvall.html

MODERATOR: Welcome, Clea, to Lycos chat!

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Thanks. It's great to be here.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: Clea I liked you in faculty and now you play in this thriller again are you fan of these kind of movie?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Yeah, I guess so. I didn't really realize they were both thriller movies until they were both already done. But I like good scripts and good movies and if they happen to be thrillers, then oh, well.

T a n y a: Clea, how did you get started acting?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I got an agent and started auditioning but it was when I got my manager that things started going well.

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: My manager had me meet with a bunch of new agents because the agent I had was really kind of strange. (LOL) So I got a new agent, not a big huge agent but a medium sized agent who had me go on general meetings with casting directors. So people started to know who I was.

seve10usa: When did you start acting at what age?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I was 18. When I got my first agent.

H2Okiller: What was "The Faculty" like? I mean working with Kevin Williamson and a slew of others?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: It was really fun, we had such a good time making that movie. We all pretty much got along and really liked each other. And Robert is so cool--Robert Rodriguez, the director, really kept us involved and made us feel like we were all doing the same thing. Not every director does that. Sometimes you're sitting there and you're like, Hello? Am I all alone here?

T a n y a: How was it working with Johnny Depp? Is he really as good looking in person as he is on screen? LOL

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: yeah he's beautiful. I didn't really have a lot of scenes with him, so I didn't really get to work with him that much. Not as much as I would have liked.

Clea_DuVall_Fan: When is your birthday? :) We have all been dying to know...

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: September 25, 1977.

aCleaFan: Clea how many movies was you in so far?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I've been in something like 15 movies.

H2Okiller: What movies could we expect to see coming from you in the near future?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: "Girl Interrupted" of course and "But I'm A Cheerleader" (independent movie with Natasha Lyonne and Cathy Moriarty) and "Committed" (with Heather Graham and Luke Wilson and Casey Affleck).

JoeBobandBill: Would you like to go on a blind date? If not, are you dating anyone?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I don't know. I've been on one real date. I don't understand dates, they're sort of creepy to me and I'd be too nervous if it were like a set up date. I know that when I went on the date, he came and picked me up and we went to dinner and then we snuck into Disneyland and then he took me home and it was just so weird. I don't know.

SisterSue: What advice would you have for someone who wants to get into acting?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Get an agent and just work really hard. People notice when you work really hard and that's really important because not a lot of people work very hard and they think they can get by on their rugged good looks or whatever. But if you really want to act, then that's what you put your heart into. That's how you do anything.

thehuntercory: If you couldn't act anymore what would you wanna do as career?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Write or I would probably want to be a director of photography, because then I could go to school and get really good at that. I like photography.

Crazee_daisy: Was it true you made a guest appearance on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Yes it is. That was 2 years ago, I think.

T a n y a: Lots of actors start out in commercials or theater. Have you done any of that type of work?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Yeah, I've only been in one commercial and those were Kudos commercials 2 or 3 years ago and I went to an arts high school and did a lot of theater there.

Leah_Rayfe: Clea, how was it playing a schizophrenic in "Girl Interrupted"? Did you have to research the role much?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Actually, I didn't play a schizophrenic in the movie. They changed it and I played a pathological liar in the movie and no (LOL) I didn't have to research that.

aCleaFan: Clea, do you get on the Internet a lot on your own time. Or do you just do stuff like this chat?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: When I'm bored, I look on the Internet.

SisterSue: So are there any theater plays that might interest you?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Yes. I want to, I just don't know when. There's a play that I'd really like to do called THE

DREAMER EXAMINES HIS PILLOW by John Patrick Shanley. I'd really like to do that someday.

Tigerlilly_259: When you were on the set of the Faculty there was a rumor that you where seeing Josh Harnett is that true?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: No that's not true.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: Where did you shoot "Astronaut's Wife"?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: New York and LA. Mostly on sound stages in LA.

MODERATOR: At 21, Clea is quickly becoming one of the acting community's most sought after young talents. She has been nin SHE'S ALL THAT and THE FACULTY. In December she opens in a new movie, GIRL INTERRUPTED with Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I've written a short story that I want to make into a short. But I think I'm too young and neurotic to sit down and write something like that start to finish. I think in a year that might change but right now all I want to concentrate on is acting.

Leah_Rayfe: Have you ever gotten any really strange fan-mail? Is it weird when people send like drawings that they've done of you?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I've gotten some weird letters. I'm grateful. I've gotten drawings before. The drawings are nice.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: What was the hardest scene you had to do on the film?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: GIRL INTERRUPTED was, I think, the most challenging all the way around. But in every single movie, there have always been 1 or 2 scenes that I've just dreaded. Sometimes when you don't know what to do, those turn out to be the best scenes because things just happen.

bttrfly676: What is it like working with Jon Stewart?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: So good. I love Jon Stewart so much. He's such a good guy. I've worked with him twice actually. He was in COMMITTED.

oakley101: Clea, do you watch a lot of movies? If so, what is your favorite of all time?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I rent a lot of movies, I don't like to go to the movie theater that much. My favorite of all time is probably THE SNAKE PIT. It was the first film made about female mental illness, it's from the 1940's.

SisterSue: Clea, how can we send you fan mail?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Through my agency. Innovative. The address is 1999 Avenue of the Stars, Ste. 2850, LA, CA 90067.

Sky_With_A_Smile: Clea, Do you think you've changed in anyway since you've become famous?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I don't think of myself as famous. Brad Pitt's famous. I'm not famous. (LOL) But since I've become an actor, I've changed. I'm older, too. I started when I was 18 and now I'm almost 22 and you do a lot of growing up in those years.

aCleaFan: Clea are you going to be on any shows or intervewed on tv anytime soon?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Not that I know of now, but maybe soon.

MANOLIS_VARNAS: Would you prefer to stay anonymous sometimes?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: I don't really care. When I look like s---, I get embarrassed when people recognize me. I'm just really shy, that's all.

Leah_Rayfe: You had an almost microscopic role in "The Alarmist". Is David Arquette as "unique" as he seems?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: Yes, I like David Arquette a lot. That was so long ago, I always forget I did that movie.

MODERATOR: This has been an interesting chat, folks. Thanks for coming. We have time for only one more question.

seve10usa: Is there an official website of you?

SPEAKER_Clea_DuVall: No official one. Hey, thanks everyone. I have to go now. It's been great chatting with you!

MODERATOR: Thank you, Clea! And thanks to our chatters. With us tonight has been actress Clea DuVall from THE FACULTY and THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE. This 21 year old has been in SHE'S ALL THAT and SEE JANE RUN, produced by Doug Liman (SWINGERS / GO). For more information about this lovely and talented actress, check out http://chat.lycos.com/guests/Cleaduvall.html

MANOLIS_VARNAS: Bye Clea. Good luck in your career.